Blood Sampler

Over the summer, there was a transition in management at Sinful Moments Press, which resulted in a delay in the publication of Dragon’s Fall.  I have recently been in contact with the new owner and I gather the first part, Bondage, should be appearing this fall.  I’ll post more details once I have them.

In the meantime, I thought I would take a moment to tell you about a collection of short vampire fiction available from Sam’s Dot Publishing called Blood Sampler.  The collection contains stories by Lee Clark Zumpe and myself.  Most of the stories are flash fiction and many take a romantic turn.  The book is lavishly illustrated by Caroline O’Neal.

Blood Sampler was reviewed by Chris Paige for ConNotations, the bimontly newspaper of the Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society.  In the review, Ms. Paige says, “If you like vampire stories, this may be the best seven dollars you can spend.”  She concludes the review saying, “This sampler would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for or from our gothic fen.”

To give you an idea of what you might find in this sampler, here’s one of my flash fiction stories:

The Lady of the House
by David Lee Summers

Trevor sought refuge from pouring rain in the Victorian manor house. The lady of the house offered him wine to warm his blood and a soft bed for the night.  Once Trevor was cozy in the warm bed, the woman entered his room, pulled back the blankets and bit into the traveler’s neck, reveling in the sweet taste of his blood.

Late the next afternoon, Trevor found the vampire’s crypt. He crept up to the coffin and threw back the lid, revealing the vampire.  He gazed at her smooth skin, untouched by time.  Her eyes closed, the woman looked peaceful, not like the creature that attacked him the night before.  Trevor knew he must act before he lost his courage…

Later, the vampire awoke in the velvet-lined darkness of her coffin.  Slowly, she lifted the lid and smiled when she saw a vase, filled with a dozen blood-red roses.

If you enjoyed this and would like a copy of Blood Sampler, copies may be ordered from The Genre Mall or Hadrosaur Productions.


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