Space Horrors

October is off to a good a start. I received the final pre-publication galleys for Bondage, the first part of Dragon’s Fall. The novella is currently scheduled for release in November. Bondage introduces the oldest of the Scarlet Order vampires, Alexandra the Greek, and tells the story of her three-way romance with a slave named Kallius and a vampire named Theron in ancient Athens.

Today also marks the official publication of the anthology Space Horrors. I edited the anthology for Flying Pen Press. It features great fiction by such writers as Dayton Ward, Ernest and Emily Hogan, Sarah A. Hoyt and a host of others. You can meet many of the authors involved in a guest blog series at

Not only am I the editor of Space Horrors but I have a story in the anthology as well. My story is a vampire romance called “Anemia”. Engineer Gwen Morris is serving aboard a starship bound for Sigma Draconis. The ship carries colonists from Earth in cryogenic suspension. However, many of the colonists are mysteriously losing blood. Gwen’s world is shaken when she discovers that a seductive vampire stowaway is behind the cases of anemia. Will Gwen stop the vampire, or will she fall under his spell? I hope you’ll pick up a copy of the book and find out. The book is available at, or direct from the publisher at

Finally, I’m pleased to announce that I will be part of the Long and Short of It Halloween Scavenger Hunt. There will be a chance to win a $50 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift certificate plus a chance to win a copy of my book Blood Sampler. Click the button below for details:


One thought on “Space Horrors

  1. D.L. Summers says:

    Thanks everyone who participated in the Long and Short of it Scavenger Hunt and dropped by the site. I hope you enjoyed the visit. The Scavenger Hunt is now over and I’ve reorganized the pages slightly. Because of that, the Scavenger Hunt icon is no longer visible. However, we do have some new excerpts that I hope you enjoy reading! I enjoyed participating in the Scavenger Hunt and would enjoy participating again in the future.

    All my very best,

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