The Big Picture

Claudia Rhyes wrote a thoughtful review of Dragon’s Fall: Bondage for the Manic Readers Website. After summarizing the story, she says, “The first thing I noticed while reading this story was how well written it is.” She goes on to say, “The suspense is very good and I kept finding myself wondering what Theron was and why Alexandria kept having these strange feelings about him.” You can read the entire review at Manic Readers.

In the review, Ms. Rhyes notes that there was relatively little sex for a book marketed as erotica. Of course “erotica” is different things to different people and how a book is marketed is ultimately the purview of the publisher. In my mind, Dragon’s Fall is a series that interweaves history, adventure, and sex to tell the story of three vampires and their relationship with one another. My guiding principal was that the sex scenes should feel natural in the context of the story and not be gratuitous.

Ms. Rhyes also expresses a desire to know more about the vampire Theron’s motives. It’s a fair point and in retrospect, I could have spent more time allowing Alexandra to learn more about Theron. However, looking at the big picture, Dragon’s Fall is not a story of Alexandra and Theron, it’s a story of Alexandra and the vampires Draco and Roquelaure. In fact, in the first draft of Dragon’s Fall, the story of Bondage was told in only two paragraphs. After looking at that early draft, I felt Alexandra’s story deserved more than that!

As for Draco, we’ll meet him and even learn a little more about Theron, in The Dragon’s Quest. Roquelaure will show up a little further along. As for exploring Theron’s motives in more detail… hmmm… I’m beginning to get an idea for a short story…


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