Dragon’s Fall – Part 2 Now Available!

Dragon’s Fall: The Dragon’s Quest is now available as an e-book from the Sinful Moments Press Website.

The Dragon’s Quest is the second part of the five-novella series, Dragon’s Fall. This novella is set in Britain at the fall of the Roman age. The story ties the Dragon’s Fall series to the Arthurian legends to create a vivid new twist with a paranormal edge.

Aonghas Deas-Mhumhan — called Desmond — is a dragon lord in the service of King Ambrosius. He longs for the king’s daughter, the beautiful Guinevere. However, her heart belongs to the king’s young ally, L’ancelot.

When Desmond and his friend Arthur are sent to battle Saxon invaders, Desmond is mortally wounded. He is saved by Wolf, a vampire who seeks the Holy Grail in hopes that it might bring salvation to their kind. Desmond knows he and Wolf cannot find the Grail alone. He returns to court where he finds that Guinevere is pledged to Arthur but still longs for L’ancelot. Now king, Arthur is anxious to remove L’ancelot from court for a time, so he agrees to Desmond’s request for aid in the search for the Grail cup.

Though Desmond, L’ancelot and Wolf find the Grail, they discover that an ancient being of great power defends it. Wolf is killed and Desmond realizes that they have not found the salvation they sought. His quest for salvation – and for love – will continue in the third part of the series.

For those who know Vampires of the Scarlet Order you may have guessed this is the origin story of Demond, Lord Draco. For fans of Bondage who want to see more of Alexandra, don’t worry, she’ll be back in the next installment, The Dragon’s Love.


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