Scarlet Order Vampires in Hungur Magazine

The All Soul’s Night 2011 issue of Hungur Magazine is now available. Published by Sam’s Dot Publishing, this magazine features a veritable feast of stories and information for fans of the Scarlet Order vampires.

In the issue, you will find a brand new Scarlet Order story called “Luftgeist”. The story is set during the time of Vampires of the Scarlet Order and tells the story of a rather fateful flight by Desmond Drake across the Atlantic aboard the Hindenburg.

Terrie Leigh Relf reviews Vampires of the Scarlet Order. She calls it “…a Chinese puzzle box of stories within stories, plots within plots. It is also a cautionary tale about love and friendship, acceptance and forgiveness, and the power forged by genuine connections.”

What’s more, you will find a wonderful four-page interview of me by Ms. Relf. I talk about how my work has influenced my writing, Tales of the Talisman Magazine, the appeal of Steampunk and much, much more.

If you want to check all this out, copies are available at:

Finally, I leave you with a brief update. Sinful Moments Press has decided to bump up the production of the novel Dragon’s Fall. Instead of serializing the novel, the whole thing will be released in a single package in early 2012. In the meantime, the price of the first two novellas in the series have been reduced to 99 cents at Amazon to give readers a special preview. Drop by and to get a special sneak peak at Dragon’s Fall for a special price!


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