Alexandra the Greek

Alexandra the Greek started as a minor character in Vampires of the Scarlet Order. She was introduced in the novel’s second chapter. It is 1566 and the Scarlet Order is gathering in Transylvania to consider a new mission, the assassination of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent.

    Rudolfo shook his head. “There’s something about that I don’t completely understand. I didn’t think the papacy allied itself with the Empire anymore. Why do they care whether the Holy Roman Empire falls to the Ottomans?”

    A tall, young-looking female vampire stepped forward, her hips swaying. Thick, long hair flowed over her shoulders. She looked at Rudolfo with large, dark eyes as she draped a delicate arm around
    Roquelaure’s shoulder. “At least Charles V is Catholic,” said Alexandra the Greek. “As such, I would think the Pope would consider him a better neighbor than Suleyman.”

    “And, Suleyman is a real threat, given the weakness of Charles’ empire. As such, they call on us to keep the Ottomans contained,” said Roquelaure, turning and putting his hand on Alexandra’s slender waist. He kissed her on the nose, then spun out of her embrace.

After this mission is completed, we next see Alexandra in 1794 at Desmond Lord Draco’s castle in Transylvania:

    Draco lifted his quill and looked into Roquelaure’s eyes. “Human memory may be short, but I’m not relying on memory. I’m relying on institutional inertia. The Church has sent money and books to me for over two centuries. As long as the bills I send are not excessive, it’s easier for the Church to simply pay rather than question what they are paying for.” Draco stood the quill in the inkwell. “Besides my letters remind the Church of our availability, resulting in more assignments for us.”

    “And more gold,” came a voice from the shadows. Roquelaure turned
    his head and saw Alexandra the Greek sitting at the far end of the table, so still that her delicate features gave her the appearance of a china doll. Her eyes moved from Roquelaure to Draco. “You sound as though you have something specific in mind.”

    Lord Draco inclined his head, then reached out and took the quill and began writing again. Without looking up, he said, “Tell me, Roquelaure, what do you make of this revolution happening in your homeland?”

    Roquelaure shook his head. “As you know, they beheaded Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.”

    “No loss there,” whispered Alexandra under her breath.

When we next see Alexandra, it’s in the present day. The Scarlet Order vampires have raided Los Alamos National Labs in New Mexico and have returned to Draco’s stronghold outside of Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. They now find they’re under siege by vampire hunters.

    “The rocket came from that ridge,” said Rudolfo pointing. “Mercy, Drake was correct when he said you make a big target. You can help us knock over someone carrying around a shoulder-mounted anti-tank gun. I want you moving now. Go behind the house, and into the woods, circle around. We’ll meet you up there.”

    Without a word, Mercy ran toward the house and appeared to stumble. A crossbow bolt narrowly missed her as she transformed into a jaguar and sprinted out of sight.

    A second blast knocked the huddled vampires over. “Did the others make it to the house?” asked Alexandra with concern in her voice.

    “No time to worry about that now,” snarled Rudolfo. “We’ve got to get moving while we still have the cover of dust.” The last conquistador stood and self-consciously brushed the dust from his hair and trousers before running at the ridge and transforming into a bat. Daniel followed on his heels.

    “Just like the old days,” Roquelaure grinned at Alexandra. “Shall we
    give them a hand?”

    “Indeed,” said Alexandra, sweeping her long hair over her shoulder.
    “I think Rudolfo has forgotten our abilities. Your animal is a rat and I transform into smoke. Neither one will get up the ridge quickly.”

    “Indeed,” sighed Roquelaure. “I suggest we run instead.” The two
    stood and followed Mercy’s trail.

Right after I finished writing Vampires of the Scarlet Order, I wrote synopses for three prequel novels. The first was called Dragon’s Fall and told about the origin of the Scarlet Order. The second was called Revolution and told about the Scarlet Order’s involvement in the French Revolution. The third was called New World and told about Rudolfo traveling to America in the 16th century.

I was captivated by this character of Alexandra and I always envisioned her as a major character in both Dragon’s Fall and Revolution. Dragon’s Fall is now complete and should be released soon. I can tell you she has some great scenes throughout the novel. However, you don’t have to wait until the novel is released to read about Alexandra’s origin. That story is available now.

Cover of Dragon's Fall: Bondage

Dragon’s Fall: Bondage is available as:

Note: The editions at both and are only 99 cents! This is a great way to learn more about Alexandra and preview the forthcoming novel!


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