Answering Questions

Emily Guido, author of the Light-Bearer Series tagged me in a recent post and asked a series of questions. Hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about me. Also, be sure to follow the links back to her, so you can learn a little more about what she’s up to!

1. Do you like a certain genre of books and/or film?

I’m a fan of pretty much all the speculative genres—science fiction, fantasy, and horror. I like movies and books that are both smart and action packed. I like them to take me places I’ve never been before. My taste in horror tends more toward the paranormal and atmospheric and away from the gory. My favorite films so far this year are John Carter and The Avengers. The book I enjoyed most was Avalon Revisited by O.M. Grey.

2. Why do you like that genre?

Like I said, I like stories that take me to places I’ve never been before. I like imagining possibilities such as what would it be like to travel to other worlds, or what if there was magic in the world? I like the fact that the speculative genres look at where humans have been and consider where we’ll go in the future. Sometimes the tales are cautionary and sometimes they’re optimistic, but even the cautionary tales are written in hopes that there can be a bright future.

3. If you walk down a sidewalk and see a $100 bill, do you pick it up and what do you do with it?

Something similar to this actually happened to me at a convention once. It was actually a $50 bill, and it was in a room where we were setting up for an event, but it was the same idea. I picked it up and decided to see if someone came looking for it. Eventually they did and the bill was returned. If it was on the sidewalk, I’d basically do the same thing—give it a little time and see if someone came back missing the bill. If no one did, I guess it would be mine. The Scarlet Order Vampires are mercenaries after all, and they have to get that from somewhere!

4. Be honest… Do you like to Pay it Forward?

I actually do. I don’t always forward these kinds of tag posts unless I know the person really likes to play along, but I do like supporting those people whose work I like and I like helping new people who are getting started, when I can. That’s one of the big motivations for me to run Tales of the Talisman Magazine.

5. If you have a choice to go to NYC, Paris, London or Mexico City… where do you go, and why?

I would love to visit all of them because there’s so much to see and do in all those places. If forced to choose, I would take New York out of the list because I’ve already been there. When given a choice, I’ll go someplace I haven’t been over someplace I have.

That said, I would probably choose London because I know the history of that city the most, so I would get the most out of a visit there. I already know the stories behind a lot of the places I would go see, so the experience of visiting would give me a much deeper appreciation and understanding of the city and its history.

6. If you had to be called a different name, what would that name be and why?

I’ve grown pretty comfortable with my name and it’s hard to imagine being called anything else. The one pseudonym I’ve used is Lee Greenberry. I picked the name because Greenberry was my great great grandfather’s first name. I gather the name “Greenberry” was the last name of his grandmother or great grandmother—an important matriarch in the family. I like the idea of honoring those people in my family’s past. “Lee” is my middle name and although it’s a pretty ordinary middle name, it took me a long time to get comfortable with it. I suppose that’s because my parents mostly used it when I was in trouble!

7. Can you tell us something silly which happened to you lately?

I’m the kind of guy who tries not to take himself too seriously. Goodness knows, I don’t always succeed, but as a writer, I see myself as an entertainer—someone whose job is to help people have a good time. If being silly can help people have a good time, I’m all for it! Here’s a great, silly interview I did with a cartoon character about a year ago:

A few weeks ago, my friends Gayle Martin and Cynthia Roedig sent me a fun and silly gift to commemorate my novel Owl Dance. It was a stuffed owl who can turn his head. Here I am with the owl.

Also, I’m wearing a T-shirt from Albuquerque’s science fiction convention Bubonicon. The rat on the shirt is convention mascot Perry Rodent. This year, I was asked to write Perry’s adventure for the program guide—and it’s a silly adventure indeed!

8. If a movie was going to be made about your life, who would play you and why?

My first thought is, “Why would anyone make a movie of my life? It would be two hours of someone sitting behind a computer, driving telescopes or writing!”

I guess if someone really wanted to, though, the person who first comes to mind is Alan Tudyk, who played Hoban Washburne in the series Firefly and the movie Serenity. We don’t look a lot alike, but from what I’ve seen, he’d be able to capture my personality, and that’s the important part. Also, it turns out he’s from my neck of the woods. He was born in El Paso, Texas, which is just down the road from my home in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

9. You are driving down the highway, which lane do you drive in?

I live in the Southwest. Outside of the cities, there really isn’t that much traffic. I usually stay in the right lane unless I’m passing someone.

10. Can you play a musical instrument or sing?

I took accordion lessons when I was a kid. I can still play somewhat. I can also play a few tunes on the bagpipes. I have also taken some voice lessons and I sang in a college production of Brigadoon. I don’t do any of them with any regularity these days, I’m afraid.

11. If you were given a wish, what would that wish be? Ah… no guessing for more wishes!

I would wish for my daughters to have happy lives, living their dreams.


2 thoughts on “Answering Questions

  1. I LOVED THIS POST!!!! I learned so much about the man behind the mask, so to speak. What a fun personality you have. I am very happy you took the opportunity to answer the questions! Awesome and hope you had fun answering them! I really loved the fact that you took accordion lessons… I thought I was the only child ever that was forced to. I was then allowed to drop it to play the violin which I’m very grateful for! My sincere thanks for taking the time to do this, Emily

    • Thanks for dropping by, Emily and delighted you enjoyed the questions! I know what you mean about the accordion lessons. Actually, since those days, I’ve met some really cool accordion players that have made me wish I’d been more serious about it as a kid. Still, when it came time for the kids to learn music, we let them pick their instruments. One daughter plays classical bass while the other plays viola. Hope you have a great week!

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