Dragon’s Fall Cover Unveiled

This week, I received the cover for my forthcoming novel, Dragon’s Fall: Rise of the Scarlet Order. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about opening the email with the cover. I’ve written six other novels and edited two anthologies. In each case, I had a lot of say in what the cover looked like. In this case, my publisher handled everything.

I really should not have been worried. The cover was designed by Laura Givens, who has done most of my covers. In this case she clearly channeled my love of Hammer films. The color scheme and typeface evoke the cover Steve Gilberts created for Vampires of the Scarlet Order.

Not only do I have the cover, but I now have the text that will appear on the back cover:

Three vampyrs. Three lives. Three intertwining stories.

Bearing the guilt of destroying the holiest of books after becoming a vampyr, the Dragon, Lord Desmond searches the world for lost knowledge, but instead, discovers truth in love.

Born a slave in Ancient Greece, Alexandra craves freedom above all else, until a vampyr sets her free, and then, she must pay the highest price of all … her human soul.

An assassin who lives in the shadows, Roquelaure is cloaked even from himself, until he discovers the power of friendship and loyalty.

Three vampyrs, traveling the world by moonlight—one woman and two men who forge a bond made in love and blood. Together they form a band of mercenaries called the Scarlet Order, and recruit others who are like them. Their mission is to protect kings and emperors against marauders, invaders, and rogue vampyrs, and their ultimate nemesis—Vlad the Impaler.

More news about the novel as soon as I get it! In the meantime, I hope you’re as excited about the forthcoming release of Dragon’s Fall as I am!


6 thoughts on “Dragon’s Fall Cover Unveiled

  1. I WANT!!!! I will be getting this for sure! Thanks, Emily

  2. Looks great, David. I’ll be cheering you on.

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