Good Food, Haunted Hotel, and the Apocalypse

The Scarlet Order Vampires have an amazing set of abilities. They can hear better than humans, they can see further, they are stronger. What’s more, they’re virtually immortal. However, these gifts come with a price. The vampires must feed on blood in order to survive, sunshine will kill them, and they cannot eat solid food. I admit, that last part would be very difficult for me.

Fortunately, I am not one of the Scarlet Order Vampires, and I’m guessing most of you aren’t either. If you’re like me and enjoy the pleasure of a good meal, you need to check out Passionate Cooks a new ebook that will be released in October by All Romance eBooks and is available for pre-order now. Oh, did I mention it’s absolutely free?

Food and love have had a long association. For Passionate Cooks: Free Recipes From Today’s Hottest Romance Authors, over 150 authors of the genre have put their pens and computers aside to don aprons, get down and dirty in the kitchen, and share their love of food. Among the recipes included is mine for Spicy Yet Comforting Chilaquiles, a recipe that would be certain to frustrate the likes of the vampires Daniel, Mercy, and Jane. But, it won’t frustrate you because the recipes are good, in some cases sensual, and the book is free. So, what are you waiting for, click the banner above or the “Download Free” button on the right and pick up your copy of Passionate Cooks today.

Also, if you would like to explore the websites of the Passionate Cooks, you may click the webring icon on the right. That will take you to the next cook in line. If you download Passionate Cooks be sure to let me know your favorite recipe!

Another thing I want to be sure to let my Arizona and New Mexico friends know about is that I will be signing books at the historic Gadsden Hotel in Douglas, Arizona on October 13 as part of the Centennial Authors and Artists Weekend. Not only will I be there, but so will Gini Koch and Jeff Mariotte. If you are in Douglas that weekend, or can get there, be sure to drop by, it will be sure to be a fantastic time.

This will be my first visit to the Gadsden Hotel, but I’m looking forward to it. It was designed by architect Henry Trost, who built many wonderful buildings around Las Cruces, El Paso, and Tucson. What’s more, it’s said that the hotel is haunted by numerous ghosts. One of those is supposedly Pancho Villa! Do you think any of the Scarlet Order vampires wander the halls?

Finally, I’m excited to announce that my story “A Garden Resurrected” has been accepted for the Apocalypse 13 anthology to be published by Padwolf Publishing. What’s your survival plan when an asteroid is about to wipe out the Earth’s surface? In this story, a small German village plans to resurrect the local vampire. I don’t dare tell you any more, except perhaps that the vampire is not the garden of the tale!


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