The Terror of Possession

One of the historical ideas of a vampire is that they’re a demon-possessed corpse. For a horror writer, this can generate some truly frightening scenarios. Imagine seeing a loved one you thought dead, back from the grave. Then imagine what happens when you realize that loved one no longer recognizes you and has even become a savage monster.

Hungur - May 2008

I actually took this idea and gave it a little twist for a story that was published in Hungur Magazine a few years ago called “Jiang Shi.” Instead of a demon, an alien comes to Earth, kills a woman, then uses her like a puppet to try to communicate with humans to disastrous effect.

Although this scenario is frightening for those surrounding the dead person, the one possessed is typically beyond caring. To me, what would be even more frightening is to have a being controlling you while you’re conscious of its manipulation.

Owl Dance

Now that Dragon’s Fall is out, I’m returning to work on my Clockwork Legion steampunk series. In the first book, Owl Dance, I return to the idea of an alien coming to Earth but instead of destroying its host, it attempts to form something of a symbiotic bond. It drives the first person it encounters mad because of what’s happening.

The Scarlet Order vampires are not possessed, but rather they are humans who have been transformed somehow into a new type of creature. The horror for them comes from the fact that they can’t always control their impulses to hunt or even kill.

So, how do you like your vampires? Are they best as demon-possessed fiends? Tragic figures who can’t prevent their own actions? Or simply possessed of their own appetites?

Dragons Fall

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