Frankenstein and Dracula

I had to work at Kitt Peak National Observatory during Halloween this year, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the day. I went to work wearing a pair of Frankenstein bolts and a pair of goggles as an homage to the Universal Frankenstein films.

Halloween 2013

As the classic days of the Universal Horror films were winding down, they started bringing many of their monsters together. There was Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man in 1943 and 1944’s House of Frankenstein brought Frankenstein’s Monster, the Wolf Man and Dracula all together. However, they never really did a direct pairing of their two biggest stars, Frankenstein’s Monster and Dracula.

That idea is one that’s long appealed to me, and I did my own version of the encounter as part of my novel Vampires of the Scarlet Order. Here’s an excerpt where the vampire Marcella DuBois meets a set of creatures at a top secret lab in the New Mexico desert.

    An alarm sounded as we ran out through the double doors. I looked around, expecting to see armed soldiers descending on us. There weren’t any surrounding buildings. We were out in the middle of a moonlit desert—scrub brush dotted an otherwise barren landscape. A single paved road cut a straight line to somewhere. A truck and two unmarked jeeps were parked alongside the road.

    “Stop them!” shouted a voice from behind us.

    I turned around, the scientist and the three gray creatures flanked the building’s door. One of the creatures raised a gun and aimed it at Marcella. I expected the gun to fire an energy ray of some sort. Instead, it launched a probe attached to the gun by two wires. The probe bounced off of Marcella’s bare shoulder. With a snarl, she rushed the creature that had fired the Taser. Faster than I could see, Marcella grabbed the creature’s bald head and twisted. I expected to hear the crunch of broken bones. Instead, the creature knocked Marcella’s arms away and sent her flying.

    I ran forward with the scalpel and thrust it into the eye of the first creature I came to. The rat-like eye exploded into black tar-like pus. The creature’s mouth opened in a silent scream as it fell back into the wall. The scientist and the third creature pulled me off and dragged me struggling into the building. They hauled me into the laboratory. The creature pushed me into a chair and held me while the scientist examined my arm.

    “I see the vampire removed the nanite nodule,” he mused as he
    poked the tender spot on my arm none-too-gently. “I suppose she didn’t want any competition. We’ll soon fix that.” With that, the scientist moved toward the locker containing the glass nodules.

    Marcella and Monster

    “I don’t think so!” called Marcella. She stalked through the doorway carrying in her arms the body of the gray creature who had fired the Taser. She hefted the body over her head and hurled it at the scientist, knocking him into a chemical storage shelf.

    The creature that held me let go and stomped toward Marcella. She threw herself at the creature, forced its head to the side and drove her fangs into its neck. The creature struggled; threatened to dislodge her. I jumped
    up from the chair and grabbed one of its arms. The creature kicked backwards, catching me in the shin. With a crunching of bone, I collapsed to the floor. Marcella continued to hold the gray creature and drain the life from it. Ultimately, it collapsed to the floor. She spat out a mouthful of blue-gray ichor. Her tongue, dyed blue, hung out. “I think I’m gonna be sick. That thing is definitely not human.”

Vampires of the Scarlet Order

Visit to learn more about Vampires of the Scarlet Order and find places to buy. I hope you had a terrific Halloween! I’d love to hear if there are other monster meetups you’d like to see.


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