Scary Monday

For the last couple of years, I’ve been posting to this blog on Sunday mornings. The weekly schedule has been working pretty well, but I think the time has come to bump it back a day to Monday. The reason for the shift is mostly because I post my other regular blog at on Saturday, and this gives me a little more time between the posts. What’s more, the start of the work week seems like an appropriate time for a horror-themed blog.

Moon Over Kitt Peak

I don’t know about you, but I often feel a kind of sinking dread on the first day of the work week. Thing is, I actually work at a pretty cool place and I enjoy my job—at least most of the time. As I’ve mentioned before, I work at an observatory, which is not only satisfying in its own right, but often provides inspiration for my writing. That said, my job involves long hours. It’s not uncommon for me to start work at 4 in the afternoon and finish at sunrise. In the winter, that’s easily 16 hours. Because of that, and the distance I live away from the observatory, I can’t go home for the week I’m on shift. I stay on the mountain. So, the start of a work shift for me means leaving my family and changing my whole routine.

Now, my work is organized on a fifteen-day rotation, so that means my work week only occasionally starts on Monday. Even when I worked a more “traditional” job with eight hours a day, five days a week, I still felt dread when Monday rolled around, even when I enjoyed the work. I think the reason is tied to the change in routine. Work presents unknowns. Who knows what challenges our co-workers and bosses will set before us? We’re away from home—an environment where we feel more in control—and have gone to a place where other people are in control.

Horror takes the idea of moving into an uncomfortable situation to extremes. Some people have been surprised when they hear I write horror, because—at least on the surface—I seem well adjusted and lead a pleasant life. One of the things I do is to channel the minor discomforts and the small dreads of things like Monday and allow myself to take those to extremes.

I hope you have been enjoying this weekly walk through dark places and hope by moving to Monday starting next week, it gives you something to look forward to as the work week begins!


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