Christopher D. Votey’s Vampires

Terran Psychosis

The week, the Scarlet Order Vampires welcome author Christopher D. Votey. Chris spent ten years working in the computer field before a work injury forced him to look for a new career path. He has written two science fiction books and is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund a five-book vampire series. Without further ado, I’ll turn it over to Chris, so he can tell you about his vampires.

How are my Vampires Different?

That question makes me think of “Our Vampires are Different”.

I am doing a Kickstarter campaign to help produce a new series in light of my disability. The new series will be about Vampires. The difficulty in doing a series about Vampires is that it is already a saturated market and will be hard to get noticed. I am aware of that challenge and willing to do the hard work necessary to get noticed.

However, I wanted to take a moment today to discuss how my Vampires will be different. When we think of Vampires, our first thoughts turn to Dracula, or even Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Or, if you are of the newer generation, you think of Twilight. One way my Vampires will differ is that in many of these stories and other stories all vampires are on the same side. Mine will not be.

In my opinion, Blade and Vampire the Masquerade attempted to show a universe where Vampires were fractured, being ruled by houses and government. However, as good as these are, they never really explored them.

The first thing to know about my Vampires is their origin. Many stories expect us to accept that they exist, with no explanation of their origin. Or if there is one, it is overly complex and hidden behind myth. My Vampires originate from a species known as Vampyrs.

Vampyrs are a divergent evolution of gorillas. As gorillas evolved to be larger, Vampyrs evolved to be smarter. They were primate in origin, but different from us. They initially were cave dwellers, only coming out at night time. Unlike humans, Vampyrs had a strong connection to magic and sought ways of immortality. In their pursuit, they found the way to long life, but at a cost. They would be forever sensitive to the sunlight.

When humans emerged and formed societies, Vampyrs emerged and found they were able to turn humans into their kind, which they called Vampires. From there, they develop their own social order. In the Daygar Legacy series, there are four types of vampires.

Vampyr – Also known as Purebloods. Often feed off other vampires to get blood, rarely hunt. Have direct control of other vampires, strong with those of their line.

Vampires – Tend to belong to houses controlled by Vampyrs. They are the hunters and the grunts of the house. In most houses, Vampires are ranked by how far removed they are from Vampyrs. Those turned by Vampyrs are called FirstBlood, and tend to be the ones who carry out the orders of the Vampyrs and commands the Vampires (Will Riker of Vampires). All others emanate from FirstBlood, known as TurnBloods.

Dhampyr – This is a Human/Vampire hybrid. Female Vampires lose the ability to conceive children, but male Vampires can still impregnate human females. It is believed that only .01% of all born from a Vampire father become Dhampyr. Because of their Human side, they are capable of walking in daylight.

Daygar – This one, I leave for you to read about. As you can imagine, the story is centered around the Daygar.

As far as weaknesses go, silver through the heart is your best bet. The only exception is Yew (specifically European Yew). Vampires can touch silver, but it can hurt them if it gets into their bloodstream. Most Holy Water is actually vinegar, which causes harm to a vampire. Garlic can also cause harm, but most vampires would need to consume a large amount for it to kill them.

Of course, each vampire house is different, and some are more susceptible to garlic and others to silver. While silver in the heart is the best bet for all, sometimes lacking that, there are other ways to kill them.

When I think of Vampires and the houses, I actually draw inspiration from the Go’auld from Stargate SG-1. Constant infighting, especially over resources, everyone wants to be on top. Get them working together … they are a nearly unstoppable force.

Chris Votey

I am certain much of what I’m doing with Vampires has been done by others, but I like to believe my approach to them will bring about a new way to look at the well known menace that lurks in the shadows.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Right now, I am running a Kickstarter campaign. I suffer from Post-Concussion Syndrome, which affects how my brain functions, but I find writing to be a viable career. If successful, my Kickstarter will help me publish five books of the Daygar Legacy. If you get a moment, please check it out by clicking on the link, and if you can, please share with your friends and family.

You can find Christopher at:

Chris’s novella, Terran Psychosis is available at:


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