Other Scarlet Order Stories

First off, thanks to those who entered the contest to win copies of my vampire novels. The winner is Emily Guido. Congratulations!

As I wrap up this celebration of the tenth anniversary of Vampires of the Scarlet Order, I thought I’d post a list of those Scarlet Order stories that don’t appear in either Vampires of the Scarlet Order or Dragon’s Fall: Rise of the Scarlet Order.

Healing Waves Kindle Cover

In Vampires of the Scarlet Order, we meet Iktome, a long-lived spider-like alien who has visited Earth since the time of the dinosaurs. When humans appeared on Earth, he didn’t want to see them go extinct as well, so he began tampering with human genetics, trying to make them stronger, live longer, and so on. In the process, he created vampires. However, vampires weren’t the sole extent of his tampering. The story “Experiment in Survival”, set in Japan, shows Iktome up to his old tricks. The samurai Minamoto no Raiko encounters a strange monster—a flying head that feeds off blood. He tracks the creature to its source, defeats it, then battles Iktome. The story is in the anthology Healing Waves, which was published to help the victims of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan. The anthology is still available at Amazon.com.

These Vampires Don't Sparkle

In the story “Luftgeist”, we turn to Nazi Germany in the run-up to World War II. The Nazis attempt to recruit Desmond Drake and his band of vampire mercenaries to fight for the Third Reich. In this case, the Nazis prove too evil even for vampires and Drake turns the Nazis down flat. Drake finds most routes out of the country closed and flees on the one vessel available, the Hindenburg. Luftgeist is the German word for Sylph or air spirit and they were believed to bring good luck. On the journey across the Atlantic, Draco encounters a creature that looks remarkably like a Sylph and it does not seem at all happy to see him. The story is currently available in the anthology These Vampires Don’t Sparkle at Amazon and Smashwords.

Hungur 15

“Dark Matter” is the one story I’ve written where I look at a possible future for the Scarlet Order vampires. The story is set in the distant future and astronomers have discovered a sphere of dark matter between the sun and Alpha Centauri. They send a team to investigate. One member of the team is Dr. Jane Heckman, who happens to be one of the vampires from Vampires of the Scarlet Order. To explore the dark matter sphere, the astronauts upload their minds into spider-like rovers which can range along the surface. The astronauts soon discover a building, like a temple on the surface of the dark matter sphere. Soon afterward, things start to go very wrong and it seems Dr. Heckman may be part of the problem. I haven’t decided whether or not this story is Scarlet Order cannon. It’s a little darker than I had planned to go with the future of the Scarlet Order. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting romp and well worth seeking out. It seems the issue may still be ordered from White Cat Publishing.

Will there be more Scarlet Order stories in the future? Well, that really depends on factors such as demand, the muse, and opportunity. If you’d like to see more Scarlet Order vampire stories, the best way you can make that happen is to buy the ones that are out there. Review them. Tell your friends! Here’s to the next decade of the Scarlet Order vampires!


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