Vampire Tour

I just spent a wonderful weekend in New Orleans. On Friday night, my wife and I booked a Vampire Adventure through Boutique du Vampyre to cap off our celebration of our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. I highly recommend the experience.

We started in the courtyard of Boutique du Vampire tasting a delightful sampling of wines from Vampire Vineyards. We tried the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Chardonnay, and the Pinot Noir. All three were lovely, but the Cabernet in particular had an interesting peppery bite I don’t recall experiencing in another wine.


We moved on to a wonderful dinner at Muriel’s Jackson Square Restaurant in New Orleans, where our hostess, Marita Crandle, told us several stories of ghosts and vampires in New Orleans.

After dinner, we moved on to a tour of the French Quarter at night. We saw the apartment where a woman escaped with deep cuts. She was held captive by two brothers named Carter, who drank her blood. When they police investigated, they found over a dozen bodies drained of blood. The Carter Brothers were tried and executed. Their bodies were interred in the St. Louis Cemetery, but a year later, when the crypt was opened, supposedly no evidence of the bodies were found.

We moved on to the Ursuline Convent, which is New Orleans’s oldest building. It’s said that in the 1700s, the French sent a group of young ladies to New Orleans to find husbands. These ladies were noted for carrying casket-shaped cases. Unfortunately, the young ladies were abused and forced into prostitution. Afterwards, the cases were placed in storage in the convent’s top floors, which are sealed off to this day, even in the sweltering New Orleans summer. Were the caskets more than simply suitcases? Some have speculated the women were, in fact vampires.


We finally moved on to the home of Jacques St. Germaine, who I described in detail in a post last year at the Scarlet Order Journal. It was fascinating to finally stand face to face with the actual place.

We finished our adventure back in the courtyard of Boutique du Vampyre, where Marita Crandle read tarot cards for my wife and I. Whether your a skeptic or a believer, I was impressed by the insight revealed by each of our readings.

Marita promises that each adventure is unique, so even if you book an adventure, it may be very different from the one we had and you can request changes if you’d like. She also promises that if we take another tour, it’ll be different from this one. She was a wonderful hostess and I encourage any vampire fans in New Orleans to call the Boutique and schedule an adventure of their own.

One final footnote to our adventure, when my wife woke up the morning afterward, she found these puncture marks on her arm.


Did our vampire adventure perhaps get just a little too real?


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