Halloween Treats!

Halloween is coming up and the Scarlet Order vampires would like to celebrate by giving away some treats! I have a stack of out-of-print—in some cases rare—books with copies of my stories. Read to the bottom of the post to find out how you can win one of these books.


Six-Guns Straight from Hell is an anthology edited by David B. Riley and Laura Givens. This twisted collection of horror and dark fantasy tales set in the wild west will keep you turning the pages. You’ll find stories of vampires robbing banks, Chinese wizards, alchemists, ghosts and more. There are stories written by Carol Hightshoe, David Boop, Lee Clark Zumpe, Lyn McConchie, Nicole Givens Kurtz, Henrik Ramsager and more. My story in the collection is loosely tied to the Scarlet Order vampire books and tells how professors at the New Mexico School of Mines experimenting with electric lighting awoke the vampire Rudolfo from his sleep in the 1890s.

Space Horrors

Space Horrors. I edited this volume of seventeen tales guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine. You’ll meet cold and dispassionate aliens—some so large they’ll swallow your starship whole, others so small they’ll turn your blood to dust. The prospect of encountering undead creatures such as vampires and zombies on Earth is frightening enough. Imagine meeting them while trapped during an interstellar flight. You’ll join men and women as they dare to explore haunted spaceships. In the end, you may discover that the most frightening creatures we’ll encounter among the stars are humans themselves. This collection features stories by Ernest and Emily Hogan, Sarah A. Hoyt, Dayton Ward, Danielle Ackley-McPhail and a dozen more new and veteran writers. In my story, I imagine a small crew watching over a sleeper ship of colonists who notice a mysterious case of anemia developing among the passengers. Only one crewman realizes this might point to a supernatural stowaway.


Going back to 2001, Bat Flight South of Roswell is a rare find. This single-story chapbook published by Anxiety Publications contains the original short story that was finally adapted into the chapter “Incident South of Roswell” in the novel Vampires of the Scarlet Order. Christopher Garrett decides to take a few days of vacation at Carlsbad Caverns when he’s attacked by a vampire. If that weren’t enough he, along with the vampire, are abducted by aliens. The story was inspired by a visit to the UFO museum in Roswell where I noticed many similarities between stories of UFO abductions and vampire attacks. This version of the story is much different than the version that appears in the novel.

So now, for the giveaway! All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment telling me which of these three books you’d like if you win along with some way to contact you. If you would prefer not to leave contact information in comments, send a message to me at davidleesummers13[at]gmail[dot]com with your information, but you still need to comment below and let me know which book you’d like. If you do leave an email in the comments, please do so in the format I just gave.

Here’s the fun part. The more who enter, the more names I’ll draw. If I get twenty entries, I’ll draw for two prizes. If I get thirty entries, I’ll draw for all three! The person who is drawn will get the prize they requested in comments. The only exception will be if someone wins your choice before you, then I’ll write to give you the choice of those prizes remaining. Please share the contest with your friends, the more who play, the more fun it will be.

Of course, I’ll sign my stories in these books! I’ll draw names on Halloween weekend and contact winners by November 2. Good luck and Happy Halloween!


16 thoughts on “Halloween Treats!

  1. Naomi says:

    Wow, what an offer! Put my name in the hat for Bat Flight South of Roswell! You also know me as Lady Naomi, so you know where to find me!

  2. Six Guns Straight From Hell would be the book I prefer. aliceekeyes{at}gmail{dot}com

  3. Steve Moore says:

    Count me in for Space Horrors matey ! Wonderful offer Happy Halloween ! Steve Moore

  4. Gary W. Davis says:

    Thanks for the great Halloween giveaway. You’re certainly more generous than Stingy Jack! I would be interested in winning Space Horrors. Thanks, and Happy night “when fairies light.”

  5. Xanthe Zeitstück says:

    I’m more than happy to enter!

  6. Ed Johnson says:

    what an offer. I vote for space horrors, though it was a close run 🙂

  7. tlrelf says:

    Love Trick-or-Treat time! Six Guns is at the top of my list! Thank you, David!

  8. Rodger Smith says:

    Bat flight south of Roswell, Rodgertinman[at]aol[dot]com

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