The Dimidiums Book One – Bound by Love

The Dimidiums Book One – Bound by Love by DM Yates is an engaging vampire romance that features an interesting vampire mythology. Bound by Love The Dimidiums of the title are vampire/human hybrids who rely on some blood to survive, usually taken in the form of a concoction they call nectar. They aren’t immortal, but they do have extended lifespans. They have the strength of vampires and many of them work as bounty hunters. The true vampires are known as the Accursed and don’t range out during the day and simply see humans as food.

The story starts off when one of the Dimidiums—or Halblings as they also call themselves—is hired to track down a woman accused of murdering her husband. As the Halbling Trevor investigates the woman Janna, he becomes less convinced she committed the murder. He makes himself known to her and the two find a mutual attraction for each other. However, Trevor is afraid he will scare Janna away if he reveals his Halbling nature to her. A romance ensues, but before either is prepared, Trevor’s father calls both before him. When Janna admits her love for Trevor, she’s forced into the world of Halblings whether she’s ready or not.

I’ll admit, it took me a little bit to warm up to Trevor and Janna as characters. At some level, Trevor’s stubborn reluctance to admit his Halbling nature seemed almost wishy washy. Also, it was unclear why Janna was so attracted to Trevor. Setting that aside, the story propelled me along. I enjoyed getting to know more about the Dimidium/Halbling culture. I fell in love with some of the Halbling and human characters right from the outset such as Trevor’s co-worker Lainie, a Halbling raised among humans, and Fran, the no-nonsense diner owner in Worthless, Nevada.

Lurking in the background is an Accursed named Milosh, who killed Trevor’s first wife and has become Trevor’s nemesis. Milosh engineers an elaborate and ingenious plot to trap and kill both Trevor and Janna. Once he unleashed his plot, I had a hard time putting the book down, anxious to see whether or not Trevor, Janna, and the other Halblings would make it through.

I think it would be great fun to see a story where the Bounty Hunter Halblings team up with the Scarlet Order Mercenary vampires. Even if that story never happens, I still look forward to the adventures that await in The Dimidiums Book Two. You can find The Dimidiums Book One – Bound by Love at Amazon and Smashwords.


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